New Zealand's most trusted precision agricultural system.

Our ability to make operating vehicles safer, easier and more profitable has seen us become the Largest Provider of GPS Technology to the Agricultural Sector in New Zealand, Winner of the New Zealand Hi-Tech Emerging Company Award in 2010 and 50th fastest growing technology company in the Asia Pacific Region in 2009.

TracMap is used by over 65% of New Zealand’s farmers and contractors for ground applications. Why are we so widely accepted? Because our technology is proven not just to make the business of spreading fertiliser more efficient, but to make it easier too.

A precision agriculture system specifically designed for ground-spreading applications such as fert spreading and spraying. Our systems are designed with the intelligence to be responsive to all level of user – from someone who has made a policy of using the computer as little as possible, to our most sophisticated commercial farmers and national contracting enterprises who use TracMap to drive maximum efficiencies in their businesses.

Founded originally to help New Zealand farmers place fertiliser more accurately, TracMap has been proven to increase the efficiency of application by 20%. Put simply, you get 20% more coverage from the same amount of product. Or what used to do seven paddocks, will now do nine.

Today however efficiency gains and accuracy are an essential given – we wouldn’t be where we are without exceptional accuracy. No, what sets us apart is the sophistication of our online job tasking, ordering and reporting functionality – in an increasingly regulated and competitive industry providing accurate proof of placement records is mandatory. While having access to paddock by paddock data from which to analyse and refine product type and quantity is quite simply just good common business sense.