The Complete Precision Agriculture System



Our system features a range of hardware options, in the form of GPS Guidance installed in vehicles, linking seamlessly with a powerful cloud based management software system.

Our hardware is designed to be hard wearing to suit the most rugged and exposed New Zealand conditions. Featuring glare proof screens, big buttons for ease of use in the field and waterproofing - you won’t find a more robust GPS device on the market.

The capabilities of our online management software for farmers and contractors are extensive; draw out your maps using Google Earth imagery, apply variable rates, identify hazards, retain paddock by paddock history, schedule jobs for the crew, and even link with a variety of other software packages to ensure easy integration with existing packages and processes.

TracMap’s system makes mapping a paddock (PLAN), spreading or spraying product (PLACE), and then reporting proof of placement (PROVE) seamless. We like to call it ‘powerfully simple’.