Job Allocation

Task management & reporting.


TracMap Job Allocation was designed as an entry level system for contractors to help with the complexity of managing multiple clients, farms, vehicles and staff.


Management of staff is complex due to high staff turnover, skill level differences, language barriers and the remote nature of agricultural contracting work.


TracMap Job Allocation removes the confusion involved in allocating tasks to staff and reviewing job performance.


Jobs are able to be designed on the TracMap web based application, including the GPS farm Map displaying required coverage areas, combined with written job notes and product information. This Job is then sent to the TracMap unit, removing confusion and ensuring tasks are performed correctly.


TracMap Job Allocation comes ready to use with TracMap's contractor version of our cloud based software, TracMap Online*.  As well as task scheduling, TracMap Online for contractors allows your customers to create orders and send themelectronically to you, optional live tracking of your vehicles, and automated reporting to your customers, meeting their requirements for proof of placement reporting.



Applications & Benefits


• Reduce confusion, errors and costly mistakes.

• Identify and avoid hazards, reducing damage to equipment.

• Save time on communication and management of staff. 

• Vastly reduce paperwork - No more paper maps!


* All TracMap systems can integrate with TracMap Online through USB.  For an additional $500, a cellular modem can be added which removes the need for manual USB transfer, and enables automatic sending and receiving of jobs between the display unit and TracMap Online.