Fertiliser spreading, spraying, tractor work, staff management, break feeding, variable rate & irrigation tracking.


TracMap Pro has all the features of TracMap Job Allocation, plus the added functionality of variable rate applications and tracking irrigation shift patterns.


As with all TracMap systems, product application is easy to follow with product coverage appearing as black, overlaps as blue, and misses as white.  You can also easily see area covered to date, and area remaining automatically displayed at all times.


TracMap Job Allocation comes ready to use with TracMap's contractor version of our cloud based software, TracMap Online*. TracMap Online for contractors offers bulk subscriptions and enhanced management functions for the busy contractor with multiple staff, vehicles and clients. Farmers are increasingly demanding proof of placement, provide this at the click of a button through TracMap Online.


Applications & Benefits


• Spread and spray further, through driving at wider spacings allowing reduced distance travelled and more fertiliser spread.

• Drive higher productivity per job, due to ability to work faster and in low visibility.

• Stress less, have confidence that your staff can easily and accurately place product due to the simplicity of operation.

• Display area remains with the vehicle operator, ensuring the correct amount of product is ordered and mixed.


• Reduce confusion, errors and costly mistakes.

• Identify and avoid hazards, reducing damage to equipment.

• Save time on communication and management of staff.

• Vastly reduce paperwork - no more paper maps!


Apply product at the rate required, and only at the rate required, and only where it is needed. Use TracMap Online to create a map which specifies how much product should be applied to different paddocks, or even different zones within a paddock.

Alternatively, upload an existing Variable Rate Map from elsewhere, then send or upload to your TracMap Pro Unit to have the product rate automatically adjusted as you drive.

The benefits of variable rate include

  • Improved production through better targeting of required fertiliser and chemical
  • Reduced waste of chemical and fertiliser through over application 
  • Reduced reversion of pastures through inadequate fertiliser
  • Works with Transpread 2020 and Whitehead controllers
  • The ability to link to suitably enabled Amazon, TeeJet, and Hardi and FarmscanAG spreaders and sprayers is under development.

Other Benefits

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced paperwork

  • Increased driver safety

  • Reduced damage to equipment as a result of on screen display of hazards


* All TracMap systems can integrate with TracMap Online through USB.  For an additional $500, a cellular modem can be added which removes the need for manual USB transfer, and enables automatic sending and receiving of jobs between the display unit and TracMap Online.