Fertiliser spreading, spraying & tractor work.

TracMap Basic is TracMap's entry level system, ideal for fertiliser spreading, spraying and tractor work.

GPS Guidance

GPS Unit

Our hardware is designed to be hard wearing to suit the most rugged and exposed New Zealand conditions.

Designed as a simplified model for farmers who want improved accuracy for spraying and spreading, the TracMap Basic makes product application easy to follow with product coverage as black, overlaps as blue and misses as white.

Featuring glare proof screens, big buttons for ease of use in the field and waterproofing – you won’t find a more robust GPS device on the market.

  • Big buttons for ease of use
  • Glare proof
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless capable transmission*

TracMap Online

TracMap Online

With TracMap Online you can analyse and refine previous placement data to ensure the most efficient application possible.

As well as more efficient and accurate placement, TracMap Online saves you time and money in the management process. No more searching through piles of paper work to figure out what you last put on that paddock. With TracMap Online you can call up application history by paddock quickly and easily. Easily identify no go zones and hazards and send this information to the GPS Guidance unit in your vehicle- leaving staff with clear instructions on how to complete the job.

  • Tasking and scheduling
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Easy third party systems integration
  • Proof of placement mapping

Applications & Benefits

Spreading & Spraying

  • Spread and spray further, through driving at wider spacings allowing reduced distance travelled and more fertiliser spread.
  • Reduce product usage and increase pasture response by driving at accurate spacings, reducing misses and overlaps.
  • Obtain higher productivity per job, due to the ability to work faster and in low visibility.
  • Obtain electronic proof of placement of all on farm applications, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Stress less, have confidence that your staff can easily and accurately place product due to the simplicity of operation.
  • Order and mix the correct amount, with area remaining displayed, reducing product wastage.


Sustainability is a farmer’s number one concern, and hand in hand with sustainability and increasing regulation, is the requirement to prove spray and fertiliser application compliance with proof of placement mapping.

Between 2012 and 2014, TracMap Online has processed over 150,000 proof of placement farm maps which are recognised by local authorities as sufficient proof of nutrient compliance.

Tractor Work

The TracMap Farmer Basic can also assist Farmers with proof of placement for:

  • Seeding
  • Drilling
  • Ploughing
  • Discing
  • Drainage

* All TracMap systems can integrate with TracMap Online through USB.  For an additional $500, a cellular modem can be added which removes the need for manual USB transfer, and enables automatic sending and receiving of jobs between the display unit and TracMap Online.