Case Studies

"Technology really is the way forward"

Brooks Spreading

Dean Brooks has been in the agricultural spreading business for over ten years.  Brooks Spreading Ltd is based in Springrove, Nelson. Dean and his partner Sarah have three full-time staff and run a fleet of four spreader trucks.
Dean had been using a TracMap unit in one of his trucks for five or six years and was so impressed with its performance that he recently installed units into the whole fleet and is using the new TracLink software.
“Technology really is the way forward – most definitely, without a doubt. The TracMap systems have made a difference and it’s definitely made things a lot easier. In general everyday spreading, it’s increased our efficiency levels and time spent on the job. We used to have to look for old wheel marks – we can now travel at wider widths, spread up to 30 metres at a time and know exactly where we are on a field.”
Dean is hoping that farmers will take advantage of the user-friendly ordering system that can be accessed via the new TracLink system. Farmers can receive information from home on work being done on their property as soon as the truck completes a job – making for accurate reporting in addition to precision delivery.
Dean says that TracMap systems have made a huge difference to his operation, as his drivers are no longer dependent on paper maps. Now maps can be sent electronically to a unit in the field to finish a job. TracLink has given his business an increased level of flexibility across his fleet and team of drivers.
Brooks Spreading Ltd 
Dean Brooks 
Wakefield – Nelson