Case Studies

“We keep discovering other ways to use it”

D. Thompson Contracting



Daryl Thompson of D. Thompson Contracting, based outside of Invercargill, has been using TracMap since 2014 and says he now “couldn’t be without it”. Daryl and his team, which ranges from 30 staff in peak season, to ten during off-peak, initially needed a system that would allow them to show customers proof of placement mapping for effluent placement.


The Solution

It was word of mouth, and asking around other contractors that got Daryl onto TracMap. With up to 27 different machines, from tractors and choppers, to loaders, Daryl and his team needed a system that was straightforward to use, and easily interchanged between drivers and machines. “That is where TracMap provided a great solution”, says Daryl.


The Outcome

Although it was initially acquired so the D. Thompson Contracting team could provide proof of placement mapping “there have been surprising benefits, and we keep discovering other ways to use it”, says Daryl. The team are now utilising it for paddock identification for mowing and sowing, paperless job allocation of tasks, a range of different proof of placement mapping, and for sending paddock and farm area maps to spreaders and sprayers for lease blocks.

TracMap also had the added benefit of allowing the D. Thompson Contracting team to track the movements of the team working in isolation, “I can keep track of my 73 year old father when he’s working up in isolated hill country, which provides me with great peace of mind”.


Going Forward

Going forward, Daryl says he will continue to work with TracMap and is keen to expand the number of TracMap units he currently has in his machines. For his operation he finds TracMap’s best feature is a toss-up between tracking and job allocation, which have both been invaluable. When asked if he’s had any issues with the systems, his reply “absolutely none, except when I accidentally mapped out the wrong paddock I wanted my guys to work in, which was my error”.