Case Studies

“If you can work a Sky remote, you can work TracMap”

David Kean of Farmers Dipping Contracting


David Kean of Farmers Dipping Contracting came across TracMap’s Job Allocation system being demonstrated at a tradeshow. Up until that point he hadn’t considered it, but with seven spray trucks and staff to manage he quickly saw the efficiencies that could be made.

“Spraying the wrong paddock with RoundUp is a risk spray contractors take on, and it’s no small risk!” says David. “The TracMap system seemed to offer a solution to eliminate the risk and also appeared to address the time consuming manual nature of identifying and instructing jobs.”

The Solution

David had TracMap’s Job Allocation system installed across all of his vehicles. Over the past two seasons he has slowly replaced paper maps with TracMap Online maps. David either draws the maps up himself, or he trains his farmer customers how to do it, “It does take time to transfer your maps across, but it’s worth it, when the farmers do it for you though it’s brilliant.” says David.

Once a map has been made however it can be used over and over again – for ease of reference David uses unique paddock numbers to identify each paddock. His farmers have the option of logging in to TracMap Online and simply clicking on the paddock required, or texting David and his team the paddock number, all information required including the map itself is saved in TracMap Online.

In David’s case he also uses precision rate controllers on all vehicles, which he stresses are more than just guidance. However his rate controllers couldn’t offer him the job allocation or management functionality that TracMap does, he believes integrating the systems has been the perfect solution.

The Outcome

“Wow” is the first expression David offers on the TracMap system, which has transformed the operational efficiency of his business. “The time savings are simply unbelievable. When the boys get in first thing in the morning I can bring up live maps with all hazards, roads and job details noted, send it to their vehicles and they’re away”, says David.

David’s staff love TracMap and now begrudge any job now that doesn’t use digital mapping, “I get a hard time from the team if I bypass it, it’s been huge for their confidence, there’s no room for error and it’s very easy to use”.

Farmers are also embracing the technology, and while David has needed to do a lot of the farm mapping himself, many farmers are now mapping out their own paddocks – seeing value in the proof of placement mapping for compliance and record keeping purposes.

“Farmers can be a bit slow to adopt TracMap, but typically once I show them the system once they realise how easy it is to use and actually enjoy the control”, says David, “I tell them if they can use a Sky remote, they can use TracMap”.

David notes that the proof of placement mapping has also come in very handy for his business, “The other day a job was queried and we were able to pull up the placement map, confirm placement and the weather conditions, right down to the direction of the wind”.

Going Forward

David would like to see 100% of his jobs mapped out digitally on TracMap. However with over 800 clients, up to seven vehicles out at any given time spraying up to 10 paddocks a day - that’s 70 maps a day, an awful lot of mapping.

To achieve 100% of jobs on TracMap Online David needs to get more Farmers on board with mapping their own paddocks. He believes with the push in compliance requirements for proof of placement this will start to turn very soon, but in the meantime it’s about education.

TracMap’s support team Michelle and Morris are working closely with David to help train not just his team, but his clients too. And they have a training day especially for David and his clients in the pipeline for 2015. “Michelle and Morris are bloody good, they’re always available to help me and push me to make full use of the system”.