Case Studies

"TracMap is unbreakable"

Donald Martin

Donald Martin’s business goes hand in hand with TracMap. Since 2009 he’s used TracMap’s accuracy to track progress when measuring dry matter content in grass. This involves towing a custom made sledge around a paddock to create a picture of the most productive grazing areas. “We visit our farms on a weekly basis, having consistent and accurate data is crucial and this is exactly what TracMap provides”, says Donald.

A unique business, his team are in high demand and needed a mapping system they could rely on. “It doesn’t break down, I wouldn’t want to use any other system. Only once in five years have we had a malfunction and we were lost while the unit was repaired”, he adds. A remarkable fact given he’s now operating a total of five units across the business.

With several paddocks to measure, across a number of farms TracMap also saves Donald time as he explains. “With grass, being a day late makes a difference so it’s important we stay on schedule. TracMap helps us get around the farms, taking us straight to the gateways and on to the next paddock”.

Donald’s business demonstrates that reliability and accuracy truly makes TracMap a brand contractors can rely on. “If there wasn’t TracMap the dynamics of the business would change, the business is based around the unit”.