Case Studies

No more foam marking

Duncan Agricultural Contracting

Tim Duncan operates in the Ida Valley, which throughout summer reaches high temperatures and often resulted in foam markings not lasting the day.




Tim Duncan has been operating as a direct drilling and spraying contractor in the Ida Valley area for longer than he cares to admit.


He had 2 problems when direct drilling - how much of the field remained, and how much that matched with the amount of seed still remaining, where he was relative to his last round of the field. It is surprisingly hard when operating a direct drill to see the marks of your last past, and so it was easy to suddenly find yourself on top of the previous round marks when operating in the broken hill country of Central Otago.




Tim fitted a standard TM334 unit to his tractor. Now Tim is one of the first people to tell you that he is not that great on the end of a computer, but within no time at all Tim found he had solved both of his major problems.


As soon as he had finished his first round of the paddock he knew how large it was, and how it matched his seed supply. Accordingly he could then match his seed rate to the paddock size, and adjust as the paddock came into a close.


It was not leaving gaps and overlaps. Not only did mean he saved time and finished the jobs quicker, it overcame his frustration at not being able to do top class job by eliminating those frustrating gaps and overlaps.




Tim was so delighted, not only did he immediately equip his second tractor with the same setup, but he put units in both his spray rigs, which overcame the other frustrating problem in his life - the foam marker evaporating on the hot dry ground before he could complete his lap of the paddock.