Case Studies

Impact of TracMap on business "huge"

Wayne Hyslop

Wayne Hyslop of Hyslop Rural, in Outram has been using the TracMap system in his business since the product was first introduced eight years ago. “The impact TracMap has had on my business is huge, it is so much easier to use than anything else I have come across,” explains Wayne. “It has become a fundamental tool for successfully running my business.”

Wayne initially introduced TracMap to allow his drivers to perform their jobs to a much higher standard, and with much higher accuracy. “The guys easily follow maps on the TracMap unit in their trucks to ensure the width is always right. Before TracMap more guess work was required and the process was inefficient - it is just simply an awesome piece of machinery.”

TracMap is now making his clients’ lives easier as well with the cloud based mapping software, TracMap Online. “Clients create their farm map and outline their requirements using the online software, which then gets sent to us and we then send directly to the units in the trucks.” The software also allows his clients to gain access to proof of placement maps after the job is done, a feature the farmers find increasingly valuable.

Reflecting on the impact TracMap has had on his business over the past eight years, Wayne can’t stress enough the value other Contractors will gain from it. “It saves you time, increases accuracy and reduces errors."

Pictured: Hyslop Rural Transport – driver David McNeill