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50th NAA Convention

14 December 2016

Agricultural aviation has evolved since John Chaytor first spread seed over a swamped Wairoa valley floor in a hot air balloon, since Delta Airlines performed the first commercial aerial application in the 1930’s and when Airwork NZ operated Tiger Moths to spread poisoned carrots around the Canterbury hills. Agricultural technology is moving into the future, similar to the technology Marty McFly found when he travelled forward to 2015, but instead of hover boards and self-lacing Nike shoes, driverless tractors and drones are becoming more popular in farming households.

This year marked the 50th Annual National Agricultural Aviation Association Convention in Savannah, Georgia. The NAAA Convention brought an influx of business owners and pilots eager to see the abundance of technology and devices to improve their flying experiences. TracMap has been exhibiting and showing attendees their agricultural aviation products work for the past 7 NAAA conventions and were delighted to also be at the 50th Annual Convention last week. Due to the Almond Convention occurring in the same week, Colin Brown, TracMap’s Founding Director, was unable to attend leaving Mark Hornback, American Aviation Area Manager, and his teammate, Nick De Filippi, in charge this year.