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Growth in North American Market

15 November 2016

Due to the constant growth in our ag aviation customer base in North America, we have decided to take on an additional sales support person. We welcome Nick De Filippi to the team as Mark Hornback's assistant, and if you are attending any of the major conventions this winter you may well have a chance to meet Nick.

He was with me at the California Ag Aviation convention last week in Sacramento, and is also joining Mark at the National Ag Aviation convention in Long Beach at the start of December.

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I spent several days in California giving Nick some initial training and insights to the world of ag pilots, including some visits to existing customers. The photo below shows Darren Miller on the left, Nick in the middle, in conversation with Mark, on the right. 

Darren and his father Jim operate two AT802's and two Huey's out of Arbuckle, in Northern California, and just love their TracMap systems. The simplicity, and how easy it is to load a polygon and fly straight are just a couple of features that they both really like.

Nick's comment to me after a couple of weeks on the job - "I love it. It's nice to be selling a product where people you talk to are so positive about what a good system we have".

Nick's had a great start, where after a couple of weeks on the job he really loves it and has picked up things real quick. I think he is going to be a great asset to the TracMap team.