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California's Horticulture

15 November 2016

Every time I drive through California's central valley I get excited by the size and scale of the way they do things. Compared with New Zealand, the scale of operations of some of our Australian customers operations is huge, but California is just something else. 

I stopped the car several times to try and capture the size and scale of the valley, but even these photos don't reflect the extensiveness of their tree crop and vineyard plantings. I think the reason is that is hard to capture is that it just keeps repeating itself. This contrasts with New Zealand as we are so used to seeing only isolated pockets, where after 10 minutes you have passed through.

When you head down the Salinas valley on Highway 101 it is a similar story, except this time there are 1000's of acres of vegetables mixed in. If driving north up SH1 in Canterbury, picture all the flat land between Oamaru and Rangiora planted in horticulture crops. That is the equivalent of the Salinas valley.

Why does it get me excited?  Because, from talking to the growers, they have exactly the same problems as our Australian horticulture customers. This is having a reliable way of getting people to spray up and down every row at the right rate and speed, with no mistakes, and then ensuring that information is captured in the spray diary. And no one else achieves that as reliably and as simply as TracMap.