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TracMap and Trimble Technology combine, for new high-accuracy product

14 December 2015

TracMap, New Zealand’s leading precision agriculture company, has joined forces with international satellite positioning giant Trimble® to release the TracMap / Trimble system.

The product’s development is significant because it combines the functionality and usability of the award winning TracMap Online technology and guidance system, with the superior accuracy of Trimble’s receiver technology – specifically, a Trimble top-of-the-range GPS receiver and the company’s RangePoint™ RTX correction service. The result is a product that has the best pass-to-pass accuracy ( within 15cm) and repeatability year after year (within 50cm)  – at a commercially-realistic price.

TracMap Founding Director Colin Brown says that, for many customers, the product will be a game changer.

In the field, improved accuracy translates into eliminating missed areas and overlaps in spraying jobs – that minimises costs and also meets compliance best practice.

Mr Brown says the new product will be of interest to contractors already operating TracMap systems who need greater GPS accuracy and those who have been interested in TracMap, but waiting for a higher level of accuracy at a competitive price.

The product incorporates a Trimble GNSS receiver – a global navigation satellite system - which provides access to both Russian and US satellites.

Trimble’s Asia Pacific Sales Manager Darren Walford says the technology has good repeatability. “You can come back the next week or the next year and be within 50cm of where you were.”

Clinton Carroll of Wairarapa Weed Sprayers was involved in testing the new product. “Before, if I was working in a paddock for a couple of hours, I would get about one metre GPS drift. Now I get none. And I’ve returned to sites I was at two weeks earlier, pulled up the run lines and been within 30cm.

"But the main saving is that there’s no mucking around. You can work with confidence." 

His old technology drew on up to 10 satellites, whereas the TracMap/Trimble technology gives him access to up to 25 satellites.

Mr Carroll says the product’s price point made it an easy decision and the ongoing subscription to Trimble’s GPS data is about one third of what he was paying to his previous provider. He also uses TracMap’s job allocation software and proof of placement technology, TracMap Online. 

If you’re interested about the TracMap Trimble Product then call 0800 872 262 and we’ll tell you all about its advantages.