Case Studies

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Chem Air

Long-time helicopter operator Chem Air run 6 Bell 206's as spray helicopters out of Shreveport, LA.

After switching their entire fleet to the TracMap GPS system Vice President, Bart Alexander (pictured right), told TracMap's North American manager Mark Hornback, "We are beyond pleased with our decision to switch to TracMap". Our pilots love the user friendliness and speed of the units, along with the sharpness of the moving map displays and light bars. More importantly, many of the features have allowed us to increase our productivity which is key in our industry".

Bart also comments that they have watched TracMap's progress since first seeing them at HAI in 2010. "We wanted to be sure they were a solid company that were going to be there for us in the future, and their system had the functions we needed," he said. "But the true selling point for us has been the awesome support TracMap offers. TracMap is always seeking feedback from the application industry in order to ensure they are offering the best product and service possible, and I personally love knowing that the answer to any question I have is a phone call or email away" said Bart.

Much of Chem Air's work is on forestry and involves using large and complex SHP files. The time saving because of how easily TracMap loads and deals with these customer files is an example of how they are achieving the productivity gain they were looking for.

You can read more about Chem Air's operation at www.chem-air.com