Case Studies

"Customer Service has been good"

Pasco County Mosquito

“At Pasco County Mosquito Control, we spray a little differently than most Ag operators. Our average spray site is between 3 and 10 acres. Some sites can be quite large, but the majority are small areas. The shape of our spray areas is much different too. Rectangle and square areas are the exception rather than the rule. 


“Because of the unique nature of Mosquito Larviciding, we needed a flexible navigation system that would conform to our style of spraying. The TracMap Flight Pro does just that. One of the features that we like is the ability to quickly change A/B lines. Press the enter button twice and the new A/B line sets with spray on/off. This feature allows for a rapid change in direction, to efficiently spray some our odd shaped polygons.”


“Another feature that we find useful is the ‘closest line’. With this option active, we do not have to select or manually control the current swath, we simply fly our back to back pattern and the TracMap follows us.  If we overshoot or have to skip a swath, we can just fly back to the un-sprayed swath guided by the on-screen display.”


“This is done without any additional button or menu work. Polygon (Block) uploads and downloads are very easy as well. Although we do not currently use the wireless features, we have been very happy with the manual control of our spray files, and plan on upgrading to a wireless system soon.  


“The TracMap system is well designed, and TracMap’s' customer service has been good.”



Wayne Daniels


Pasco County Mosquito Control