Case Studies

"Technically more advanced"

Super Air Ltd

Super Air, who specialise in fixed-wing aerial application of solid fertiliser and lime, began an upgrade of their equipment last year, and TracMap equipment is expected to be fitted to all 15 Super Air aircraft within the next 12 months.

Richard Donnell, Operations Manager at Super Air, says TracMap is not only faster, lighter and more pilot friendly than the previous system, it is technically more advanced particularly in terms of variable rate flow control fertiliser applications.

“The technology has become more robust, and easier for the pilots to use. Satellite tracking is faster, so information is provided in a fashion that can be processed much more quickly, and the system is more responsive, with less lag.”

That’s good news for the hill country farm environment as well. “This improvement is important for our environmental responsibility. It’s all about being able to apply fertiliser exactly where it is required, and not elsewhere,” he says.





Image: Richard Donnelly- Operations Manager at Super Air Ltd