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Aviation - Upgrading from Flight 1 to Flight Pro

Existing jobs will be deleted once you upgrade.

Note: The upgrade process is reversible. A unit can be switched back to Flight 1 using the same process as upgrading to the new software.

Export to USB any jobs that contain outlines you want to use again. These outlines can be loaded into FlightPro units, but to use Flight1 jobs in FlightPro, you will need to contact TracMap on 0800 872 262 (NZ only) or make an online enquiry here.

Now upgrade your unit following the instructions on the software page.


The unit continues to start up normally and ignores the [F2] and [Power] combination

  • The unit needs to be sent to TracMap for a "U-Boot" upgrade

"No Devices Found" is displayed

  • Ensure the USB key is properly attached to the USB dongle
  • If you are using a USB hub, try plugging the USB key directly in to the USB dongle
  • Try a different USB key - USB keys can differ in size, file formats, and other properties

"Can't List Files" is displayed

"No files found" is displayed

  • Ensure the upgrade file has not been placed in a Folder / Sub Directory
  • Ensure the upgrade file has the a ".tim" extension, some browsers may add an extra extension e.g. "firmware1.tim" may become "firmware1.tim.txt"

"Invalid Product Code" is displayed

  • The upgrade file you have selected does not match the unit's product code. Try downloading a different upgrade file, you can find your current version from the head unit's "About" screen

"Bad Checksum" is displayed


  • Either there is a corruption on your USB key or the upgrade file has been fragmented, try formatting the USB key, or performing a "Disk Defragmentation"


Our customer service team are always happy to help with any queries you may have. Feel free to contact us here.