SET "HOME" Watch video » FIND AN ADDRESS Watch video » DRAW AN AREA This is the first step in creating your map Watch video » EDIT AN AREA Watch video » SPLIT AN AREA Watch video » MERGE AN AREA Watch video » ERASE AN AREA Watch video » REMOVE INCOMPLETE AREAS Removes all lines that are not part of areas Watch video » COLOUR AN AREA Customise your map by making different areas different colours Watch video » DRAW A LINE Watch video » NAME A LINE Watch video » ERASE A LINE Watch video » COLOUR A LINE Watch video » REMOVE ALL LINES Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: THE BASICS Includes: The Control Stick; Starting a New Block Flying a Guidance Pattern Flysing a Racetrack (Quicktrack). Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: CREATE MENU Includes: Creating a personal menu; Setting shortcut buttons; Importing & exporting a menu. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: FLYING RACETRACKS Includes: Setting AB lines for RT ABC racetrack (Quicktrack); Flying a Squeeze racetrack; Flying a Half Field racetrack. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: CREATING A BLOCK OUTLINE Includes: Creating an Outline; Flying Back to Back with an Outline. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: UPGRADING FLIGHT PRO UNIT SOFTWARE BY USB Demonstrates using a USB stick to upgrade Flight Pro software. Watch video » ESPAñOL VIDEO #1 FLIGHT PRO: LO BáSICO El bastón de control; Empezando un nuevo block; Volando un patrón de guió Volando un patrón de Racetrack Watch video » ESPAñOL VIDEO #2 FLIGHT PRO: CREAR MENú Creando el menú personal; Ajustando los botones de atajos; Importanto y exportando un menú Watch video » ESPAñOL VIDEO #3 FLIGHT PRO: CREANDO EL PERíMETRO DE UN LOTE (BLOCK) Creando un perímetro; *Volando BACK TO BACK con un perímetro (outline) Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #4: VOLANDO RACETRACKS Seleccionando las líneas AB para RT ABC racetrack y más Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #5: CLIENTES Y LOTES Creando un cliente; Revisando la información de los clientes y los lotes; Viendo el resumen de la información; Watch video »


UPLOAD A MAP Watch video » DOWNLOAD A MAP Watch video » PRINT A MAP Watch video » TRANSFER A MAP Watch video » COMPLETE A JOB Watch video » PLACE A MARKER Watch video » NAME A MARKER Watch video » CREATE AN EXCLUSION BUFFER Watch video » FIX OVERLAPS Watch video » HOW TO MEASURE Watch video » MULTI SELECT Watch video » NAME MULTIPLE MARKERS Watch video » CHANGE A MARKER'S COLOUR Watch video » NUDGE A MAP Watch video » MERGE A MAP Watch video » SNAP POINTS Watch video » SNAP FENCES Watch video » SHARE A MAP Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: TIPS & TRICKS Hints for using Flight Pro more effectively. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: FLYING MULTI-BASELINES Saves time and turning when flying multiple small fields. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: MARKERS AND "FLY-TO" FUNCTION Includes: Creating a Marker at current position, creating a marker at remote position; using 'Fly-to' function with a marker; using 'Fly-to' function with an outline. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: CUSTOMERS & BLOCKS Includes: Creating a customer; Previewing customer & block information; Viewing detailed information summary; Renaming customers & blocks; Resuming a previously flown block. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: SELECT EDGE MENU OPTION How to use 'Select Edge' menu option to create an AB Line on a block outline; using 'Select Edge' menu option to select AB Line when using multiple polygons. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: RETURNING TO LAST COVERAGE Leaving and returning to last area sprayed. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: IMPORTING SIMPLE GEOMETRY Includes: Customer & Block Geometry - Overview, Viewing Customer & Block Geometr, mporting an Outline from USB (or wireless) to a block. Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #9: IMPORTANDO GEOMETRíA SIMPLE Cliente cliente y bloque bloque repaso de geometría; Observando el nivel de geometría de los clientes y los lotes; Importando un perímetro de un USB (o inalámbrico) hacia a un lote Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #6: FUNCIONES DE MARCADORES/PUNTOS CHEQUEO Creando un marcador en la posición actual (waypoint) y mas. Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #7: REGRESO AL PUNTO DE LA úLTIMA FUMIGACIóN Abandono y regreso al último punto fumigado Watch video » ESPAñOL FLIGHT PRO VIDEO #8: UPGRADING SOFTWARE Demostración de actualización a la versión más nueva de software usando una llave USB Watch video »


CHECK A MAP'S LOG Watch video » CREATE A VARIABLE RATE MAP FROM STANDARD MAP Watch video » START NEW ORDER FROM MAPS SCREEN Watch video » USING RATE AS APPLICATION & MULTIPLE PRODUCTS Watch video » USING RATE AS APPLICATION & SINGLE PRODUCT Watch video » CHANGE STANDARD AREA TO NO GO OR EXCLUSION AREA Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: FLYING CENTER-PIVOT FIELDS How to Fly Center-pivot Fields using the Multi-baseline Guidance Pattern. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: FLYING IRREGULAR-SHAPED FIELDS & USING LINE HISTORY Includes: Easy spraying of irregular-shaped fields; using Lightbar to avoid double spraying and more. Watch video » FLIGHT PRO: IMPORTING COMPLEX GEOMETRY Includes: Selecting polygons from a complex Customer geometry file and more. Watch video » ESPAñOL VIDEO #9 FLIGHT PRO: VOLANDO LOTES IRREGULARES Y OPCIóN DEL MENú Fácil riego de lotes irregulares y más Watch video »