Software Update Troubleshooting

Common Issues

The unit continues to start up normally and ignores the [F2] and [Power] combination

  • The unit needs to be sent to TracMap for a "U-Boot" upgrade

"No Devices Found" is displayed

  • Ensure the USB key is properly attached to the USB dongle
  • If you are using a USB hub, try plugging the USB key directly in to the USB dongle
  • Try a different USB key - USB keys can differ in size, file formats, and other properties

"Can't List Files" is displayed

"No files found" is displayed

  • Ensure the upgrade file has not been placed in a Folder / Sub Directory
  • Ensure the upgrade file has the a ".tim" extension, some browsers may add an extra extension e.g. "firmware1.tim" may become "firmware1.tim.txt"

"Invalid Product Code" is displayed

  • The upgrade file you have selected does not match the unit's product code. Try downloading a different upgrade file, you can find your current version from the head unit's "About" screen

"Bad Checksum" is displayed


  • Either there is a corruption on your USB key or the upgrade file has been fragmented, try formatting the USB key, or performing a "Disk Defragmentation"


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