Harvesting, Spraying, Vine Trimming & Leaf Plucking.

TracMap Pro has been designed as the complete system for contractors and large vineyard operations to help with the complexity of managing multiple clients, vineyards, vehicles and staff, through a range of on vineyard tasks, including harvesting and spraying through to plucking and trimming.

TracMap Pro has all the features of TracMap Job Allocation, plus the added functionality of on screen display of coverage, reducing the risk of misses or the double application of rows.  Product application is easy to follow with product coverage appearing as black, overlaps as blue, and misses as white.  You can also easily see area covered to date, and area remaining automatically displayed at all times.

TracMap Pro removes the confusion involved in allocating tasks to staff, and reviewing job performance.

Jobs are able to be designed on the TracMap web based application, including the GPS vineyard map displaying required coverage areas, combined with written job notes and product information. This Job is then sent wirelessly to the in vehicle TracMap display unit, removing confusion and ensuring tasks are performed correctly.

TracMap Pro comes ready to use with TracMap's cloud based software, TracMap Online*.  As well as task scheduling, TracMap Online allows your customers to create orders and send them electronically to you, optional live tracking of your vehicles, and automated reporting to your customers, meeting their requirements for proof of placement reporting.

Applications & Benefits

Improved task performance

  • Reduce confusion, errors and costly mistakes
  • Coverage displayed on screen, ensuring complete accurate coverage
  • Reduce damage to equipment by identifying and avoiding hazards
  • Mark areas requiring attention (ie. Broken posts), while in a job for later tasking
  • Live updates as harvest is in progress, updating weights to the wine producer allowing improved logistics

Increased Productivity

  • Save time on communication and management of staff
  • Seamlessly transfer information between office and field
  • Live tracking and wireless task scheduling, ensuring down time is minimised
  • Shift jobs between vehicles, ensuring a vehicle can pick up where the last vehicle left off, or allow multiple vehicles to work on the same job
  • ntegrate with other existing systems such as spray diary and accounting packages to ensure paperless capture of key information
  • Configurable to fit your operation

Variable Vineyard Management

Apply product at the rate required, and only at the rate required, and only where it is needed. Use TracMap Online to create a map which specifies how much product should be applied to different zones within the vineyard.

Alternatively, upload an existing Variable Rate Map from elsewhere, then send or upload to your TracMap Pro Unit to have the product rate automatically adjusted as you drive.

The benefits of variable rate include:

  • Improved production through better targeting of required fertiliser and chemical
  • Reduced waste of chemical and fertiliser through over application 
  • Works with Transpread 2020 and Whitehead controllers
  • The ability to link to suitably enabled Amazon, TeeJet, and Hardi and FarmscanAG spreaders and sprayers is under development.

In addition to Variable rate, TracMap Pro provides:

  • Optional yield capture through integration with load cells, allowing improved decision making
  • Split picking easily displayed – only harvest part rows
  • Exclusion zones easily displayed to vehicle operators

* All TracMap systems can integrate with TracMap Online through USB.  For an additional $500, a cellular modem can be added which removes the need for manual USB transfer, and enables automatic sending and receiving of jobs between the display unit and TracMap Online.

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