Case Studies

"Flexibility of the system suits our business"

Grape Logistics

Charles Rosback from Grape Logistics in Australia is “absolutely delighted” with the purchase of their TracMap units, and tells us the benefits of the system are outstanding! 


"TracLink provides Grape Logistics as vineyard managers and contractors the ability to create and allocate jobs to vehicles operating in vineyards. The TracMap system has already proven to increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and provide wireless electronic reporting of tasks that are performed in the field such as spraying, harvesting and maintenance.


"The flexibility of the system suits our business as we can move it between vehicles such as harvester and tractor. TracLink offers Grape Logistics the ability to monitor the movement of staff and machinery across our managed vineyard sites throughout the Adelaide Hills and surrounding grape growing regions. It eliminates the need for that “man on the ground” chasing around after machinery.


"The ongoing success of our business relies on continued improvement in efficiencies throughout the viticultural management calendar and being able to monitor machinery and operators’ movements will allow us to identify where we can improve and how we approve individual tasks.


"The increased efficiency in scheduling, monitoring and reporting, particularly in the busier times of the year when we have multiple jobs running, means we can provide superior customer service to our clients and gives us a competitive edge."